Hello, Blogging

This marks the first blog post on my website. While where I want to lead this is still in infancy and going through a thought process, I have built a rough idea of how my blog posts will be categorized. The idea is to divide into two concrete categories:

  1. Mere reflections on ongoing work or rather simply put, making notes of what I study. Most of the posts here would be relavant to my ongoing research at school but will not be limited to it. The goal behind this series is to consolidate learning and build logically over something I'm working on.
  2. Structured and thoughtful blog posts: this is the normal kind of blog posts which is ubiquitous on the internet. Most of the stuff here will come from the world of software development especially React ecosystem which I so dearly love. As an extension of this, I might add review some research papers and share my reflections on them, most will deal with the world of static analysis of programs.

Disclaimer: Like I mentioned before, my blog page will more or less reflect my views on the said topic and might not be 100% factually accurate. At the end of the day we're all learning and correcting our past self. Cheers!